Best of big band era [Box Set Vinilo]
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Best of big band era [Box Set Vinilo]

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Vinilo 1 - Glenn Miller - String of pearls

A1- String of pearls

A2- Falling Leaves

A3- Sun Valley Jump

A4- My love for you

A5- Lover

A6- Seven of five

A7- Little Brown Jug

A8- Music makers

B1- American Patrol

B2- Flying Home

B3- Jeep Jockey Jump

B4- Anvil Chorus

B5- Dipsey Doodle

B6- Sanfu Jump

B7- Daddy 

B8- Keep Em Flying

Vinilo 2 - Tommy Dorsey - Swing High

A1. Swing high

A2. Always

A3. Pussy willow

A4. That's it

A5. Swing time up in harlem A

A6. Why begin again A

A7. Summertime A

A8. At the fat mans

B1. Brotherly jump

B2. Harlem express

B3. I'm beginning to see the light

B4. Midriff

B5. Swing high

B6. Dry bones

B7. Another one of them things

B8. Comin through the rye

Vinilo 3 - Buddy Rich - Cool Breeze

A1 Cool Breeze
A2 Carioca
A3 Four Rich Brothers
A4 Sunday King Of Love
A5 What Is This Thing Called Love
A6 Nellie's Nightmare
A7 Daily Double
A8 Great Moments
B1 Handicap
B2 Minding My Business
B3 I Cover The Waterfront
B4 Poor Little Rich Kid
B5 Goof And I
B6 Let's Blow
B7 Poon Tang
B8 Rags To Riches

Vinilo 4 - Lionel Hampton - Flying Home

A1 Hamps' Jive 
A2 Summertime 
A3 On The Sunny Side Of The Street
A4 Blue Boy 
A5 Swanee River
B1 Flying Home 
B2 Stardust 
B3 How High the Moon 
B4 I Only Have Eyes For You 
B5 Lady Be Good

Vinilo 5 - Jimmy Dorsey - Can anyone Explain

A1 Diz Does Everything
A2 See Saw
A3 I Can't Get Started
A4 Mc Gee's Closet
A5 Grand Central Getaway
A6 I'm In Love Again
A7 Moon Of Manakoora
A8 Can Anyone Explain
B1 Heat Wave
B2 Let's Fall In Love
B3 Lover
B4 Big Butter And Egg Man
B5 This Can't Be Love
B6 Alto Tude
B7 Sing A Song
B8 The Great Lie

Vinilo 6 - Woody Herman - Caladonia

A1 Goof And I
A2 The Good Earth
A3 I Got It Bad
A4 Northwest Passage
A5 Red Top
A6 Caladonia
A7 Your Father's Mustache
A8 Buck Dance
B1 Mother Goose Jumps
B2 Skylark
B3 There'll Be Some Changes Made
B4 Baby I Need You
B5 Swing Low Sweet Clarinet
B6 My Pal Gonzales
B7 Laura
B8 Yeah Man

Vinilo 7 - Duke Ellington - Night train

A1. On the alamo

A2. In a jam

A3. Night train

A4. Bakiff

A5. Just a settin and rockin

A6. Rockin' in rythmn

A7. Without a song

A8. I miss your kiss

B1. Moon mist

B2. Solid old man

B3. Brown Betty

B4. Humoresque

B5. How high the moon

B6. Cotton tail

B7. Limehouse blues

B8. Crosstown

Vinilo 8 - Harry James - September Song

A1 Floozie
A2 Manhattan
A3 Your Cheatin Heart
A4 Charmaine
A5 Jazz Me Blues
A6 Two O'Clock Jump
A7 In A Mellow Tone
A8 Sultry Serenade
B1 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
B2 Pennies From Heaven
B3 September Song
B4 If I Could Be With You
B5 The Clipper
B6 Prince Charming
B7 Nina
B8 Cynthia

Vinilo 9 - Les Brown - Rhapsody In Blue

A1 Dig It
A2 While The Music Played On
A3 Celery Talks At Midnight
A4 Easy As Pie
A5 Keep Cool Fool
A6 Come To Baby Do
A7 We'll Be Together Again
A8 My Dreams Are Getting Better
B1 Let's Be Buddies
B2 Between Friends
B3 Boogie Woogie Piggy
B4 Hotchkiss Corner
B5 I'd Rather Be With You
B6 Last Time I Saw You
B7 Till The End Of Time
B8 Rhapsody In Blue

Vinilo 10 - Artie Shaw - Traffic Jam

A1 The Man I Love
A2 Mucho De Nada
A3 Love Is The Sweetest Thing
A4 Love Walked In
A5 You're Mine You
A6 Oh You Crazy Man
A7 Serenade To A Savage
A8 Sweet Little Headache
B1 What Is This Thing Called Love
B2 Thanks For Everything
B3 Mood In Question
B4 Orinolo
B5 Traffic Jam
B6 I'm Coming Virginia
B7 Last Two Weeks In July
B8 Lilacs In The Rain

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10 LP de Colección
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Big Band
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